What are you working on? (Megathread)

Welcome to the “What are you working on?” thread! Post pictures, gifs, videos, demos, tweets, text, anything at all, or the game!

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Been working on a racing game thing.Here’s a video from a few days ago.

I guess if you want to play test I left a link in #collaboration in the DevFivum discord. pls join I need play testers lol

Also working on a racing game.


Been playing around with procedural generation, got some cool island generation going. The little yellow tiles are towns.


One of the games I’m working on needed to make a water system that doesn’t use Roblox Terrain.

Made a system which allows you to create as many water regions as you want, while also giving you the ability to create “No Swim Zones” so you can make underwater caves and such.

Still an early WIP but it was satisfying to see it working!


An update!

  • Multi-regional water, can have sea-level and above sea-level water bodies and it’ll be swimmable :smiley:
  • 100% potato device friendly, only gives you what your device can handle by looking into your graphics settings.
  • As realistic as can be!
    • Atmosphere and lighting changes when camera goes under water
    • Sound muffles when going under water
    • Once you stop moving (pressing buttons) your character slows to a halt.

What’s next?

  • character floating with the wave when at surface level
  • ability to add items that float/sink when thrown in water.

Going in I honestly had no experience working on this type of mechanic, though learning as I go and reiterating as I find better methods. Really happy with what I got so far!


Currently working on a project that involves a lot of platforming mechanics.

Here’s some cool clips of them in action :


Started working at SizzleBurger last month. It’s been pretty fun!


I made a RichText module that makes it easy to stylize text, and it even includes an iterator for a typewriter effect that doesn’t deform tags or styles. I intend to open source this when I get around to it.

local RichText = require(game.ServerScriptService.RichText)
local button = workspace.Baseplate.BillboardGui.TextButton

local text1 = RichText.new("Hello there!",{
	font = {
		face = "PermanentMarker";
		size = 48;

local text2 = RichText.new("This is a test.",{
	font = {
		face = "FredokaOne";
		size = 36;
	bold = true;

local text3 = RichText.new("Yeehaw.")

	color = Color3.new(0, 0.568627, 1);
	size = 64;
	face = "SpecialElite";

for text in (text1.." "..text2.." "..text3):iterate() do
	button.Text = text

I’ve been working on a benchmarking plugin tool, and it displays the results in a graph (along with some other more detailed values) and I decided to make the graph module open source!

You can read a description and documentation here:

It’s on GitHub as well.


I implemented aforementioned graphing module into a super cool Luau Benchmarker plugin!

You can read more about it here:

And here’s a short video demo showing it off:


Recently, my studio ‘Mullet Mafia Dev’ has started to release some sneak peaks for our upcoming game, Mafia Madness!

Check out some of the upcoming icons, and follow to stay tuned for map pics/gameplay/more icons :eyes:

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Made a diorama as part of a build battle event, and wound up finding a triangle terrain plugin I absolutely loved and would highly recommend.

The game’s open source so you can steal assets for your own projects or whatever.


Back with another update on my game, Mafia Madness!

I’ve been working on some pathfinding utilities for NPC agents in the classic game, The Underground War. The key aspect to finding time-optimal paths is to assign dirt blocks (which take time to be dug before they can be walked through) at a higher movement cost than air blocks.

Here’s a simple example, where the agent is finding a path from Green to Red, doing its best to avoid the high time cost of digging through dirt blocks (Brown).

The examples here are based on an implementation of A star because the scenario (Green to Red) demands finding a path from one specified point to another. I have also implemented Dijkstra’s algorithm for other scenarios that the NPC agent may want to consider, for example finding the (shortest) path to the nearest enemy to attack, or the nearest teammate to support.

Blocks actually have several (9) stages of being dug out, ranging from fully opaque to fully transparent / air. They must be fully dug out to pass through them, so I weighted their movement cost in terms of how opaque they currently are.

This is represented with different shades of brown in the example below, where you can hopefully see the agent favoring paths with less opaque blocks.

Playing the game involves a Capture The Flag mechanic. I wanted these NPC agents to be able to compete in that respect too. One important tactic when carrying the flag back through the tunnels is to avoid long, straight paths (this makes it harder for enemy players to shoot you).

To that end, I implemented a bias into the algorithm that can be set for/against straight paths. With enough bias either way, the agent may even select non-optimal time paths.

Normal path (no bias)

Biased towards straight paths

Biased towards twisty/non-straight paths

These aren’t great examples of actual tactical routes because the scenario depicted is simplistic and unrealistic, but the idea’s there and working!


I’ve made some massive updates to my Benchmarker plugin. The main graph is now a useful histogram, and there’s now a bar graph that doubles as a flame chart if you use the custom profiler tool. You can also toggle which functions are currently visible.

The plugin has gone from “Oh that’s neat” to “Wow that’s powerful” in these past few updates.


Released a list of undocumented Roblox client debug keybinds


One final update for the month!

Working on some new UI for Myzta’s Mermaid Life! https://twitter.com/EGOTISMS_RBLX/status/1331364853001433089


Built a katana replica from a very cool action game, and made a lot of progress on my current project’s map :>