Workspace Setup

For the past year or so I’ve spent most of it facing a blank wall. I’m moving to a new place so decided it was time to find a new setup that worked better for me.

My plan is to switch to an L-shaped desk and put it closer to a window so I get a lot more natural light. The additional space would be welcome to since I typically want space for two laptops, a 27" monitor, and a pad of paper for writing.

Does anyone have any recommendations they have found work really well?

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Definite +1 to natural light. If you aren’t getting an adjustable-height desk, it’s worth spending a lot on an ergonomic chair to avoid back problems from sitting for too long. Also I’m a bit curious about your computing situation - you have 2 laptops, so do you not have a desktop tower?

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I might end up building my own desk, in which case I’m going to see how difficult it is to make it adjustable. My chair is reasonable but it could be better. It offers a lot of support but I need to readjust it fairly frequently since it doesn’t like holding it’s position.

As for computing, I have two high-spec 15" laptops but no desktop. Before the pandemic I had a habit of moving around a lot so found a tower impractical. They are both plugged into a Sabrent KVM switch so I can quickly switch the computer I’m working from.

Cool! If you can, I’d highly recommend getting 2 monitors - it provides a pretty significant productivity boost - though I’m not super sure how you’d implement that through a KVM switch. I wonder if there are thunderbolt switches?

I actually just bought adjustable undergear and reused my own table plate. Super-easy to attach and setup, and now I have a standing desk! Not sure how easy it is with an L shape but I’m quite sure there exists good options for it too.

I also got a Sallie saddle chair (no back) and it has been a blessing for me and my back. I sometimes miss being able to lean back though, but then I just swap out with a regular chair or my old office chair.