What are you working on? (Oct 2020)

Welcome to the monthly “What are you working on?” thread! Post pictures, gifs, videos, demos, tweets, text, anything at all, or the game!

This topic will remain open for October 2020, please feel encouraged to post!


Currently working on a project that involves a lot of platforming mechanics.

Here’s some cool clips of them in action :


Started working at SizzleBurger last month. It’s been pretty fun!


I made a RichText module that makes it easy to stylize text, and it even includes an iterator for a typewriter effect that doesn’t deform tags or styles. I intend to open source this when I get around to it.

local RichText = require(game.ServerScriptService.RichText)
local button = workspace.Baseplate.BillboardGui.TextButton

local text1 = RichText.new("Hello there!",{
	font = {
		face = "PermanentMarker";
		size = 48;

local text2 = RichText.new("This is a test.",{
	font = {
		face = "FredokaOne";
		size = 36;
	bold = true;

local text3 = RichText.new("Yeehaw.")

	color = Color3.new(0, 0.568627, 1);
	size = 64;
	face = "SpecialElite";

for text in (text1.." "..text2.." "..text3):iterate() do
	button.Text = text

I’ve been working on a benchmarking plugin tool, and it displays the results in a graph (along with some other more detailed values) and I decided to make the graph module open source!

You can read a description and documentation here:

It’s on GitHub as well.


I implemented aforementioned graphing module into a super cool Luau Benchmarker plugin!

What is this plugin?
This plugin helps you easily benchmark & visualize your function’s speed and compare its performance to other functions.

Why use this instead of the microprofiler?
(You should use both.)

  • This plugin is much quicker and easier to use than the microprofiler.
  • This plugin will display your dataset in a nice graph, which is easier to understand.
  • This plugin doesn’t require you to run your whole game, which helps isolate your functions and remove other external factors from impacting results.
  • The plugin gives the min, max, and average just like the microprofiler, in addition to the total time taken to run the test.
  • This plugin displays the 10th, 50th, and 90th percentiles which is a far more useful stat than the simple average that the microprofiler gives you. (More detail on that in the video below.)

You can read more about it here:

And here’s a short video demo showing it off: