What are you working on? (May 2021)

Welcome to the monthly “What are you working on?” thread! Post pictures, gifs, videos, demos, tweets, text, anything at all, or the game!

This topic will remain open for May 2021, please feel encouraged to post!


Decided to take some time away from the responsibilities of a day-to-day job and just work on something simple yet fun.

For this project, I really didn’t want to stray away and make complicated systems to work around things I need, which proved to be especially challenging when I came around to working on the NPCs :woozy_face:

Now for a good safety measure, I wanted to handle 150 humanoid NPCs without lag, heh little did I know this isn’t very common or easy to accomplish as humanoids are a pain to work with sometimes… Though I couldn’t switch to a custom solution due to my main goal and the fact that humanoids have specific functionality I’d like.

A few days later and a damaged soul XD …

I was able to run over 340 NPCs with little to no lag.

(lag spike at the start due to switching from gif recorder to studio)

for those who’re curious about the performance (340+ NPCs in a live game):

Next goal is to have them fight each other :sweat_smile: so that’ll be fun!


Train Demonstration Video

This week I worked on creating a train that could move along curved tracks while still appearing to move smoothly on the client. An invisible blocky version of each train car has its position updated every second on the server and the client handles the appearance and in-between positions for the train cars. Since my game has streaming enabled, I have a tag for all the train cars and I have the client handle updating the car’s position only when the server’s counterpart has its cframe property changed. When the server’s part is no longer being streamed in or is deleted, the client doesn’t do anymore updates for that train car and removes the client’s model.

Other than that, I also worked on a chest model and practiced rendering it:

Since I didn’t look anything up on how to properly render stuff in blender, I ended up with a very flat and dull render. To make it feel more alive, I ended up bringing it into photoshop and made a few adjustments to make it pop out more. The coins I used in the render are just placeholders for now. In the final product I’ll probably have a different coin model and I’ll probably have them face the camera more.


I’ve added a couple of commands to the RoAPI bot that can view information about assets:

I’ve also added a “types” command that lists out all of the asset types:

and another one that views information about a specific asset type:

All of these commands use ro.py to send API requests.

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