What are you working on? (July 2021)

Welcome to the monthly “What are you working on?” thread! Post pictures, gifs, videos, demos, tweets, text, anything at all, or the game!

This topic will remain open for July 2021, please feel encouraged to post!

made a small plugin for a coworker! it lets you scale parts with your keyboard instead of mouse:


Trying to develop a full CI pipeline for my studio. It’s really exciting!

The ideal will be:

  • Docs auto generated from the Rojo file and Ldoc using MkDocs and Ozzypig’s LDoc2Mkdoc tool (done!)
  • TestEZ & run-in-roblox build runs on PR
  • Linting and codecov
  • Use remodel or rbxmk to combine game assets and the codebase and upload to the main site

Really excited - I want to do this properly now, and this will make our entire teams efforts so much simpler. Will release a template of my work once it is done!


I’ve been chipping away at my voxel engine optimisation efforts for Blox - check out how far it’s come:

It also runs in VR, and looks phenomenal in the process - it’s something that can’t really be conveyed on a flat screen, but it honestly is stunning:

Something about the way this cave was lit made it feel pretty real in VR:

Perhaps the most interesting observation is that this runs far better than any time I’ve tried running Minecraft with Vivecraft and shaders applied at the same time.


I haven’t been able to work in Roblox Studio for the past few months, so to get back into the flow I made a simple character controller from scratch! I already had the mesh laying around, so all I had to do was add some animations, program a character state machine and program the controls.

(I hope the video works)

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I just discovered the joy of importing real world heightmaps into Studio and playing around with lighting from Atmos, applying materials based on slope, and automatically scattering features around with a quick and dirty script. The result is a rather nice mountain scene based on real world geometry (though I did make some artistic deviations from real life):

(also, just look at those gorgeous new dynamic clouds)

I’ve been creating some client-rendered NPCs that don’t utilize Humanoids for movement. The server uses behavior trees to determine how NPCs should act, and the client renders and interpolates the movement via CFrame math.

Here’s a demonstration with 400 NPCs at once, easily sustaining 60 FPS!
compressed so that it fits the file size limit.