What are you working on? (Jan 2021)

Happy new year! :tada:

Welcome to the monthly “What are you working on?” thread! Post pictures, gifs, videos, demos, tweets, text, anything at all, or the game!

This topic will remain open for January 2021, please feel encouraged to post!


I’ve spent the last few months working on the new SizzleBurger game. Had to pick it up from an old programmer and it’s been super fun working on it!

It’s definitely expanded my skill a ton. First time I’ve been a part of the release of such a large game and it’s also the first time I’ve had the opportunity to use technologies like Rojo and Typescript at a large scale.


Doing some polish for my game’s UI before release :smiley:

Here is the shop


I made a prototype of simultaneous script editing in vanilla Roblox Studio using only plugins.

This was a particularly fun challenge because I can’t run code on the Studio TC server, I can only run code on clients who install the plugin. This meant that all the papers on the topic and the research that I did were not directly applicable, since I had to do peer-peer networking and everything else was about server-client systems. There are also quirks and “shortcuts” I could use because Studio automatically replicates certain things.
This meant I got to have fun designing my own system and architecture for simultaneous editing specifically for Studio!

This video I made oversimplifies a little (so my twitter audience would understand it), but it still gives the general idea.

Unfortunately, there are some bad behaviors of plugins that prevent this from becoming a viable product.


I recently made my first actually good plugin. It adds a template for new scripts based on where the script is inserted using CollectionService tags.


Found a neat way to make a 3D elevation map of my track.


@Emmanuel_Lajeunesse and I have been working on an awesome, fun flinging game where you can punch players or objects and climb the leaderboards! Check out a sneak peek of gameplay:

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I’ve opened a website that serves as a hub for the open-source projects that I made:

If you have any feedback send me a message somewhere, I’d really appreciate it :grin:


I made a moth.


I finally got around to adding these simple tool sets for Outlaster onto SketchFab.

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I created an open source Roact TSX project so you can view how things can work. It’s basic, but it should help you get a grasp of TSX being used in a proper menu system utilizing context for pages instead of Roact-Rodux.