What are the minimum engagement stats for roblox to allow your game to be indexed by google?

It appears by default Roblox inserts a meta tag into your games page that stops google from indexing it.

This meta tag doesn’t exist on larger games with more engagement stats.

What is the minimum required engagement stats to allow indexing?

Understandably S&D is a black box to prevent abuse tactics from bad actors, however this information would be helpful, as we’re attempting to improve game discoverability.

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I have looked through a list of games of varying sizes and I think I have found some strong evidence that the ‘no-index’ tag does not exist if the following criteria are met:

  1. The game is not closed.
  2. The game has at least 100k+ plays.

Average player count and paid access do not seem to have any impact.
Some examples:

Roblox games that you cannot find through Google
Roliday 2019 (34.7k plays)
Tiny Wheels (50.7k plays)
Astro Academy (94.8k plays)
2012 Egg Hunt - ROBLOX (589.7k plays, closed)
Realistic Paintball II (615.0k plays, closed)

Roblox games you can find through Google
2016 BLOXY AWARDS - Red Carpet (107.9k plays)
Ignoble Prototype (136.8k plays)
Roblox Tennis (144.4k plays)
Havemeat’s Minigames (441.9k plays)

I have yet to find any games that do not follow these two criteria, but if anyone can find any counter-examples let me know!


We’ve found a good amount of supporting evidence that 100,000 visits is a significant threshold for almost any game, and may affect more than just indexing.