What applications do your team use to keep organized?

The applications that my team use for organization are Discord for communication and ClickUp for task and issue tracking. I am now realizing the need for a centralized file repository and a calendar for meetings. We currently handle both of these with dedicated Discord channels, which is not scaling well.

I know of a few applications that handle these like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Dropbox. But before I make a decision, I am curious to know what applications your teams use for organization, specifically for

  • communication
  • task and issue tracking
  • file sharing
  • scheduling.

Lastly, if you do use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, do you issue work accounts or keep it casual and share things with people’s personal accounts?

Discord, Hacknplan and Shared google drives. Speaking of shared google drives, did you know you can set a Google drive as an actual directory in your file explorer? Handy workflow for team members who work with files a lot.

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  • Discord for communication (everyone is already using it)
  • Confluence for Documentation & Collaboration, it’s essentially Google Documents but so much more.
  • Jira for planning & tracking

For files, we use a mixture of Google Drive for most files (linked to Confluence for easy access, through Google Workspace) and Github for code.

File sharing has been the one thing I haven’t cared much about; nearly every cloud tool is suitable if you’re only keeping a repository of files. They can all be included in our documentation on Confluence so as long as everyone is using the same one, you’re good. For the longest, Dropbox has been my asset repository. (Just make sure your code is in a good place with decent collab tools, like Github)