Useful Studio Plugins Mega-Thread

Useful Studio Plugins Mega-Thread

Here you can find some of the most useful plugins for Roblox Studio. Streamline your workflow with these awesome plugins.

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Plugin Name

An explanation about what the plugin is used for and what it does.

{plugin link}

Any additional details or links that might be relevant to the plugin, try to sell your plugin!


If applicable, provide the source code.



A Roblox command line interface plugin to deliver content, commands, and simplicity within Roblox studio.

Deliver is a Roblox-based command line interface (CLI) using the native Output & Command Bar. Currently, Roblox provides no proper way to manipulate your game from a command line, and doesn’t have a proper package manager. Deliver aims to solve this solution with a work around, using the output & command bar. Luckily, it’s extremely easy to use this simple CLI.




Deliver is open source, you can view the source code on my GitHub:



An incredibly powerful benchmarking suite, designed to make the alternatives obsolete. This is an all-in-one benchmarking solution, that has everything that each alternative does in a single intuitive interface. Then it has even more features that no other does. With histograms, percentile metrics, profiling, controlled inputs, and more, this is the most accurate and informative way to benchmark your code.

Read more here.

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A more powerful command bar. With a full size syntax highlighted text editor, saving commands, and window pop outs, I find this to be a lot more usable than the tiny one line built-in command bar.

Read more here.

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Code Outline

A code outline in Roblox Studio. Helps with code navigation at a glance. Shows your code’s functions and variables, as well as manually defined markers in comments. Plenty of filters and searching and other QoL features to make this outline really useful and intuitive.

Read more here.



A modern, clean and 100% free class converter plugin. You can select instances in your game and change their class type in a few clicks. I personally find it to be essential when working with UI, where I’m often switching between buttons, labels and frames.

Reclass also features a smart recommender system, which surfaces your most used class conversions to the top so you can access them immediately, as well as a one-click Automatic button, which automatically chooses the most used class conversion for the instances you’ve selected.

You can find a tutorial video and more information on the DevForum.

Studio Tweaks

An assortment of various tweaks for annoying default Studio behavior, and additional gizmos and visualizers.

Includes features such as a low-visibility selection box replacement, toggles to disable the GUI Editor or just its yellow overlay, dynamic hover box outline size, behavior tweaks for undo/redo reselection, faces + origin + JointInstance visualizers, etc.

Read more on the DevForum