Start your next project with create-roblox-project

Hey! I just released the first version of a tool called create-roblox-project. As you probably guessed, it creates a initial template for a Roblox project. To put it simply, from a single command you get this:

You can find more info on how to install and use it here:


Right now, it only supports generating a template for a library. The tool will create a new git repository and it can be customized to include:

  • Rojo configuration (with an extra config if TestEZ if included, so that you can build a test place)
  • Checkout TestEZ as a submodule
  • Selene configuration (with a TestEZ config if the feature is included too)
  • Remodel (with a script that removes test files and Hoarcekat stories)
  • Foreman configuration (with only the tools required by the features you enable)
  • Helpers scripts to build your library with Rojo (and remove tests if Remodel feature is activated) and also build the test place and run tests (using run-in-roblox)
  • MIT license file

You can get a list of the available features by running the list command:

create-roblox-project list


create-roblox-project can easily be extended to create other types of projects (like a plugin or place), or add new features to setup upcoming new tools.

The goal is to keep it simple to use: the default features should include a stable set of tools used for development on Roblox, while other more “experimental” features can be added manually.

Interested in the project and want to help improve it? I’ve written a contributing guide that explains the multiple ways you can help out!

Let me know if you give it a try next time you start your new project :slightly_smiling_face: