Show off your workstation

Given that we’re all in lockdown and spending more time than ever at our desks, I’m curious to see what everyone’s setup looks like. This is both for people to show off, and also to give others some inspiration in how they can improve the quality-of-life of their workspace.

Here’s mine:


environmental storytelling

I want more Roblox merch :frowning:


Big plus on the standing desk strategy! Also note we all have double monitors.

The double monitors specifically have a ton of productivity benefits!

Also I’d really recommend getting a plant or two!


Let’s ruin the trend with low-quality cameras and messy desks!
The mess is not aided by the lockdown D&D adding extra clutter…


Big vote for standing. If you stand without shoes and haven’t already, an anti fatigue mat makes a big difference.

Also if you use a tenkeyless keyboard, I highly recommend a separate numpad on the left side of the keyboard. I have never seen anyone else do this, but once you learn to use a numpad left handed then it makes numerical entry so much easier because right hand can stay on the mouse/arrow keys.

Also water is very important.

Also PLANTS that’s a brilliant idea @Quenty, I gotta work on that.



Not exactly 2 screens but heh… Hoping to get a second screen soon :crossed_fingers:

Got my workstation for heavy lifting and laptop for small stuff. (ignore the messy cables under there :sweat_smile:)


Highlight of my setup is my $35 Amazon Basics chair, leftover from college. If anyone has chair recommendations, my back would greatly appreciate it


no plants here, but I have plants as my desktop background, so that counts, right?

not pictured is my chair which is a herman miller embody which is probably one of the best investments I could’ve made


I need to up my plant game

Not pictured is a surprisingly comfy IKEA chair I nabbed from an intern for free.


Did you know every monitor you add increases your productivity by 50%? [citation needed]

My goal with my setup has been to have something super versatile (programming, streaming, editing) while still remaining reasonably cheap (as it turns out, you can get sit/stand desks for significantly cheaper if you get a hand-crank one). Using a laptop as my primary device lets me take my work on the go super easily. Each monitor is a different type:

  • 27-inch monitor for looking at things close up
  • Laptop monitor for being a laptop
  • Touchscreen monitor for travelling, it fits perfectly inside of my carry-on suitcase
  • Drawing tablet for drawing/design

Some other bits:

  • The old Optiplex mounted under the desk is being used as a webserver.
  • The U-HAUL box makes an excellent paper trash can.
  • The cable management is bad.

In conclusion, Ebay is your friend.


I’ve loved my setup since I upgraded to a standing desk last year. It’s not quite there yet when it comes to equipment; I’m aiming to upgrade to decent audio equipment with a good quality mic in the future.

A couple of weeks ago I hung up the picture frames above it, and while I’ll probably change some of the printed photos with more personal and quality prints in the future, I’m happy with how they turned out :smiley:

I’ve been adding more light sources and plants around my place too, so it’s feeling quite cozy nowadays


I have way too many wires.


I’ve been wanting to post here but I’m not at my apartment right now and haven’t been for most of the US’s pandemic response. Instead, I’m back in my old bedroom from high school, living with my parents. Thanks to the work-from-home situation, Roblox gave each of us employees a stipend for home-office upgrades. So, here’s my makeshift home office. Complete with a standing desk, a 65% keyboard / vertical mouse combo I brought with me from my apartment, and some stands for my displays to try to keep my posture in check.

When I do eventually get back to my apartment (soon, hopefully without a :tm: :crossed_fingers:), I’ll post another of my actual workstation :slight_smile:

Note: Right now, most of my personal development work, like making Roblox games or open source libraries, is just me sitting against my wall with a couple of pillows behind my back and my macbook on my lap. Didn’t think that deserved any sort of “showing off” :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been refinding my setup for yeras, slowly moving away from gaming peripherals and the gaming aesthetic as a whole. I love my setup, couldn’t be happier with it.


Here’s mine. I’m still stuck in “i wanna make it look awesome” and “i have no idea what to do!” mode. Plants maybe?? :seedling:


Wow, you’ve all got such clean surrounding areas. That’s super nice for staying focused.

I’m not so lucky. My room doesn’t have much space, so I have a mess of stuff everywhere and my setup is stretched out.

I do have some cool things that make up for my overall lack of niceness.

Glossy poster of my Roblox avatar, and a 3D printed bust of him as well

OG PlayStation 1 connected to an old CRT television for original gaming experience

Plus a lot of various Roblox merch from my internship. I often wrap myself in the Roblox blanket even when it’s hot because it’s just so softttt.

I really wish I had more space so I could neaten this up. It feels so cramped and cluttered.


Here’s my current setup. I’m at university so this is constantly changing as I move to and from home and to different accommodation.

Commonly asked questions:

  • Aren’t those sound panels kind of pointless with all the gaps, the corners and the massive amounts of wall uncovered? - Yes. But they kind of look cool right?

  • Don’t you every catch those sockets with your feet while working? - Yes. Too many times.

  • Is that an iPad or something next to the mouse? - Not quite. I was bored of wasting pens and paper, so I bought this LCD writing tablet. It is literally a kids toy, but it’s actually really useful and only cost like £10-20. I couldn’t justify the cost of an iPad just for a few notes or sketches.

  • Is that a Christmas Builderman figure in the middle of your desk? - Wow your eyesight is great. Indeed it is…

  • Wait… is that a fidget spinner in the background? - Erm… no comment.

My keyboard, tower case, and chair all have a black and red theme which works really nice with the bamboo desk surface. I don’t plan to customise it much further than this until I have a semi-permanent home post-university.