Screenshot Saturday (#1) -- Show off your projects!

It’s Screenshot Saturday! Post some text or media of what you’re working on (pictures, gifs, videos, demos, tweets, text, anything at all) or heck, even post the game!

This topic will be open for (at least) the entire weekend. Even if it’s not Saturday and the topic is still open, please feel encouraged to post!

Happy Independence Day to the US people out there! :fireworks: :partying_face:


This is my game Ronin.

It’s a bit of a roguelite dungeon crawler where you traverse through several floors, fight a boss, and repeat until you reach the final boss at the end. Gonna be adding all sorts of fun items and mechanics to it as I go to give it a lot of replay value and encourage users to keep going through the dungeon.

Been working on it on and off for the past month, haven’t had much time with my internship at Roblox but it’s been super fun to iterate on.

Play here!! (Group members only, so feel free to join and leave if you just want to check it out real quick)


I’ve been working on a planekit for the last few months, short video of it working:


I’ve been fixing up my Lua implementation of the Object Browser. I started making this as a way to get to grips with Roact and I’m pretty happy with how it’s progressed. It also gave me the opportunity to address some of the shortcomings of the built-in object browser.

Extra features:

  • Filter classes by name
  • Filter members by name
  • Tree view for classes
  • Show/hide for: services, abstract classes, deprecated classes
  • Show/hide for: inherited members, deprecated members
  • Parameter tables for functions & events
  • View on DevHub button (opens browser)

Additional improvements to built-in object browser:

  • The Player class actually appears (!!)
  • Fixed up a number of class icons as well as the default member icons
  • Added in class and member summaries where they didn’t exist, and fixed up existing ones where they didn’t make much sense / weren’t useful

Making this involved processing the API dump and writing a basic parser for ReflectionMetadata (to extract class and member summaries). I also had the chance to implement some QT-style gui components, such as splitters and scrollbars:

This was a fun project, so hopefully I’ll find the time this weekend to finish it off and release it.


Recently added fishing, and decided to see how far I could stretch the system.


this is a game i am working on called rollernauts 2 or super rollernauts or rolling nauts or something and it will be very fun maybe (:


I’m working on my new game, and I made this a bit ago but I really enjoy it.

I didn’t use Roact, and all animations were done using collection service magic and some button presses. Everything gets re-used though so maybe I should look into Roact :thinking:


Not as flashy as some of the other projects here but I’ve always wanted to see just how far I could take procedural obstacle courses. So far things are looking up–everything is generated 100% by code. I’m hoping to add more obstacle types in the future.

Also accidentally wound up with this mess while working on it. Hmm, this + custom gravity could be interesting…


I’m working on an RPG game called Zenerith. It’s a work in progress and I think it’s coming along quite nicely.

It’s built using roblox-ts (TypeScript), and I may have a more open beta at the towards the end of the year. If you’re interested in trying it in the meantime/keep up with development, feel free to DM me (or reach out to me on twitter @Vorlias).


I used Roblox to generate a texture atlas. I use the texture atlas on a part to make it appear beveled.

(can’t upload the video here since it’s too big :frowning: )