Programmatically unloading MeshParts from memory

I am interested in controlling GraphicsMeshParts in real-time. I want to load and unload a large number of different MeshParts in and out of my game. When I load MeshParts onto the client, I notice GraphicsMeshParts value increases, indicating that memory usage has increased. This is of course expected. When I call Destroy on the meshes, ensuring to remove any references, I do not observe an expected decrease in the GraphicsMeshParts value.

I can assume this is Roblox client caching the MeshPart data, in case they need to be loaded again. Let’s assume that these meshes do not need to be reloaded. It would therefore be desirable to unload these meshes from memory when the game is finished with them.

Does anyone have any information on how I would achieve this, or any more information around this topic?