Luacheck specifications for Roblox Lua

Roblox Luacheck


Generates the .luacheckrc file necessary to provide support for Roblox Lua in Luacheck.


  • Install luacheck!
  • Copy .luacheckrc into the root directory of your project

Build dependencies

  • luajson
  • luasocket

What is Luacheck

If you’re using Roblox outside of Roblox Studio, Luacheck is a linter that will analyze your code for you.


Here are some examples of the .luacheck in action. Traditional .luacheckrc files will not catch these errors.


  • Automatically applies script and workspace properties
  • Automatically applies the Enum namespace
  • Has definitions for Roblox types and variables
  • Specifically ignores adding Workspace and other global variables following Roblox’s standards
  • Does not show deprecated properties

Run and updating

To run you need Lua (5.1 or higher). Running the script will pull the latest version of the Roblox API and then pull in the latest Enums and game/workspace properties.


You can copy the contents of .luacheckrc into your .luacheckrc

Inspired by luacheck-love.