Incorporating community creations into a game w.r.t. handling asset ownership

Around 2 years ago Roblox introduced the option for users to archive assets, preventing them from being used in games. There are, however, many games that let their community contribute to the evolution of their game, through the addition of maps, art and other types of content. This means that in theory, a community member could create a new map for a game, then once the map is added to the game, archive the images and meshes they used to create the map.

What would be a safe and productive way of circumventing this issue? Ideally you would want assets to be uploaded to the group of the game itself so only the developers can mess with the assets. Also giving random community members the permissions to upload assets to the group would be very risky. There is also the option for community members to turn on ‘allow copying’ in the assets’ settings, but then you could only put a copy of the asset into the developers’ inventories rather than the group inventory. And it would also open up the possibility of other community members briefly being able to grab a copy as well. Are there any other options I am missing?