david vocksel's large collection of open source modules

Hey yall, here’s a beefy list of all of my notable open-source Roblox libraries. I omitted a good chunk of my open-source projects, because they were either too old to be considered, or weren’t Roblox related. If you’re interested, I do have more on my GitHub (and maybe even some new things that aren’t in this post yet).


I was inspired by Godot’s Timer class so I made my own for Roblox. Lets you run things after a delay. It uses Heartbeat internally so nothing nasty can happen with task scheduling from wait()


The intent behind this module was to hide the nasty ContextActionService API, which has you passing in tons of arguments, and is very hard to deal with for consistent binding and unbinding.


This is actually a near 1:1 copy of 3DSkybox, made by ITBV. Main difference is it’s all written in Roact.


That’s right, this module lets you use string paths similar to languages off of Roblox (and even Lua if you run it yourself). Has some nifty bells and whistles, like defining aliases to various places in the game, like ReplicatedStorage.


It’s named Sugar cause it’s sweet. Contains a lot of helpful methods that I reuse between games. Dig through it, maybe you’ll find something you like.


Wrapper class around a CollectionService tag. Essentially this allows you define a tag as a “thing,” instead of as a string. Comes with helpful methods for dealing with instances associated with the tag.


Super minimal class function that hides all the garbage that comes along with metatables. You shouldn’t have to know what __index is to make a class, and with this function you’ll never have to.