Commercially licensing a song - How do I get the publisher's attention?

On a few occasions I’ve made an attempt to commercially license a song, but so far I’ve never even gotten as far as hearing a price. Is there something I’m doing wrong? What are the magic words to include in an email to get a response? Should I not be mentioning Roblox because it makes me seem like a kid with no budget? The vast majority of my emails are composed similarly to this:

Have you ever successfully gotten a quote from a publisher? What do your emails typically look like? Is it worth the money? I’m currently looking to license this song but I’d like to boost my chances of getting a response as much as I can.

I’ve obtained song licenses by directly contacting the artist two times. But in both of those cases, the artists were actively promoting themselves on social media. They were able to provide me with license details and information on how to interact with the publisher and apply my license to copyright actions such as YouTube’s Content ID system.

The song you want to license is being handled by Warner Chappell, who have their own license management system and offer different licenses and terms aimed at the profesional industry. I can imagine that emailing them from an ‘business gmail account’ with a non-personal name and profile photo attached to it, asking them to license a song despite the instructions being posted on the website, and describing the purpose as “a Roblox game I made” is sufficient reason for your email to be ignored.

If you’ve already tried to register on their license management system and still need to email to purchase a license, it would probably help to list what you’re looking for in their terms;

and to interact with them through either a clearly profesional/company account, or your personal adress.