Clothing Portfolio

Hey I’m Blotnik, I’ve been doing clothing on Roblox for around 10 years or so and here are a few previews of outfits I have made in the past few years. My clothing is free for anyone to use in their game as long as I’m credited. Though this does not extend to copying my clothing outright.


Hey Blotnik! Really awesome designs you’ve got here. I’m sure many of us are curious if you do any sort of commissions for games specifically?

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Waaaiiiittt a second. I know you! I’ve been buying your clothes since shirts were added to the platform! Your style hasn’t changed at all :smiley: good to see you’re still kicking about with the rest of us old timers. I remember back in my steampunk days building you a shop in my little red brick district. I will never not love your stuff.

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I do sometimes if I have the time. I’ve just been pretty busy with real life lately. (Hence the late response lol)

I try my best to keep around haha. And I try to keep my style consistent so all my clothes are “backwards compatable” in a sort of way.