Chair discussion

I’ve been using a cheapish ikea chair for about a year, it’s ok but not super great. I’m probably replacing it soon.

I’m skeptical of the popular bucket seat gaming chairs, it seems like maybe their design priorities are more focused on aesthetic than on comfort + productivity. I could be wrong.

I have heard the Herman Miller Aeron is kind of a gold standard for office chairs. Very expensive but it looks like there are decent refurbished deals. I’m ok with getting a boring looking office chair if it’s going to be a great chair.

What do you use? What chairs are good or bad for productivity in your experience? Might also be helpful to include your height/body type in the discussion.


I’ve used Steelcase’s Leap V2 and Herman Miller Embody. Got them both refurbished.
I’d definitely recommend both, but my personal favorite is the Embody. Pricier, but way more comfy for me, especially when it gets warmer.

IIRC the Leap offers different variations/sizes. A nice thing the Leap has that the Embody doesn’t is that the arm rests can adjust in all directions. Embody only goes up/down and left/right.

I’ve been using a cheap Racerback from cherry tree furniture, cost me ~£60 it’s not the most comfortable but certainly a good stopgap if something like a Herman miller or brand gaming chair aren’t within your budget.

Edit: Included link to chair for reference.

I have some second-hand office chair. Not the prettiest thing but it does the job, and is comfortable enough. Unfortunately hard to find good office-type chairs in New Zealand that aren’t stupidly expensive. :frowning:

My flatmate has a DX Racer chair, he seems to love it and from what I could tell it is quite comfortable. Not really a fan of the racing seat type look myself… plus a bit pricey.