Best way to utilize social media for Roblox?

As Roblox grows, it only makes sense that more and more studios, users, and groups expand their communities & reach. Have you ever utilized social media to grow your brand/game/group/community?

I am currently looking to pursue tweeting from my brands Twitter account to promote my content & brand itself. Though, I have 0 experience working with social media & using it to its full potential. Have you ever ran an account with the intention to promote Roblox content? How well did it do & what were your techniques?

I’ve been a long time lurker on social media, but I’m a bit outdated with the trends and design that goes into running these accounts. What social media platforms do you use? What should I focus on?

Judging from past experience & easily accessible data, we know that Twitter seems to be the face of social media for Roblox in a developers sense. Have you expanded to more than just Twitter? How successful was that?

These questions are most important to me because I simply do not understand the way the world works and I wish to learn & expand my knowledge. If you could take the time to even answer one or two of these questions with your own experience, even if you think it’s bad, that would be amazing.


I’m in the process of expanding to Instagram so I’ll report back in a month or so. I plan to use Stories for more as-it-happens behind the scenes content.

I tend to keep my Twitter more for getting in touch with other devs and to announce things that are complete or at least semi working.

Instagram will probably be a bit more chaotic in the way I’ll use it 🤷 only annoying thing is it’s not a social media link option on games or groups so people will have to find it via Twitter, YouTube or my website, which instantly cuts the potential growth.