About the Resources category

Post about resources that you want to share with the developer community here, such as asset collections, useful websites, tools, plugins, libraries, guides and tips.

We accept both free and paid resources in this category. Please tag your topic accordingly.


Please add these tags to describe your resource, one or more of each group:

Types of resources

  • #asset — Individual (or collections of) non-script assets.

  • #framework — An overarching scripting component that simplifies particular development tasks by forcing a particular workflow and taking repetitive work out of the hands of the developer.

  • #guide — Detailed write-ups and tutorials about specific development topics.

  • #library — Reusable scripting libraries, modules or packages.

  • #plugin — Plugins for Roblox Studio.

  • #protip — Short but sweet tips from expert users.

  • #service — A third-party service that you can make use of for development purposes.

  • #tooling — For tools (outside of Studio plugins) that contribute to Roblox development.

  • #undocumented — Describe Roblox-specific quirks or long-standing bugs.


  • #open-source — The resource is open, freely modifiable and repurposable.

  • #free — The resource is proprietary, but is free to use.

  • #freemium — Some functionality is free, other functionality is behind a paywall.

  • #premium — The resource is behind a paywall.