About the Programming category

Discussion and questions about anything related to programming on and around Roblox.


Please add one of these tags to your topic to indicate what the question / discussion is about:

  • #rubber-duck — For general questions on why your code doesn’t work the way you’d expect.
    (Reference to Rubber duck debugging)

  • #architecture — Designing the structure of your code(base). Everything about software architecture and design.

  • #code-review — Your code already works, but you’d like to know if it can be done in a smarter way, whether that be shorter, more efficient, or more maintainable (readable, understandable).

  • #code-style — Get into heated discussions about variable capitalization, function naming, etc.

  • #datastores — For discussion and questions on using Roblox datastores.

  • #luau — Discuss Roblox’s current implemention of Lua through the Luau stack. Talk about Lua(u) in general, type checking, linting, intellisense, and more.

  • #math — Questions about solving development problems involving math, including vector and matrix operations.

  • #network — Questions and discussion related to Roblox’s networking and client/server model.

  • #physics — Questions and discussion related to the Roblox physics engine.

  • #tooling — Discuss your workflows, plugins and tooling that you use to boost productivity while developing, testing or releasing your projects, either on your own or in collaboration with others.

There are some additional tags, such as #roact, #roblox-ts and #rojo, for discussion on specific programming tools that are sometimes used by power users.