About the Production category

Discuss and ask for support on various topics related to game production, such as marketing, live-ops, team management and leadership, and your development workflows.


Please add one of these tags to your topic to indicate what the question / discussion is about:

  • #advertising — Everything about managing advertisements and sponsorships.

  • #collaboration — How to effectively work with others, or effectively lead teams.

  • #community — Managing your project’s player / user community.

  • #liveops — Managing content flow and updates to your released projects to keep users engaged.

  • #marketing — Getting your project known to users, how to do marketing on social media, etc.

  • #moderation — How to deal with users and players in your game that are breaking the rules of the platform or souring the game experience for others.

  • #planning — How to plan out work, and tools that are used to help create effective plans.

  • #workflow — Talk about the process of getting from scratch to content. Discuss your asset pipelines, engineering workflows, or planning methodologies on a production level.