About the Meta category

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

For more information on the forum, including guidelines and how to join, please view the FAQ page.


Optionally, add one of these tags to your topic to indicate what the topic is about:

  • #bug — Report a bug happening specifically on this forum. (otherwise go to the Discourse Meta)

  • #feature — Request a feature specifically for this forum. (otherwise go to the Discourse Meta)

  • #change — Propose a change to existing features. (categories, tags, layouts, themes)

  • #community — Discuss about community management on this forum.

Staff Tags

Only staff can use these tags across the forum:

  • #announcement — Used for important notices about the forum. All users watch this tag by default and are notified when a topic with this tag is created.

  • #info — Any post that describes how to use the forum.