About the Game Design category

Talk about various game design-related topics in this category, such as level design, UX, monetization and system design.


Please add one of these tags to your topic to indicate what the question / discussion is about:

  • #content — How to design new content for your game.

  • #gameplay — Managing the player’s actions and how they contribute to the overall experience.

  • #level — Discuss and ask questions about level design.

  • #monetization — How to monetize your game without compromising on design or integrity.

  • #system — Discuss about the creation of systems in your game that enable the gameplay.

  • #ui — All about how the user experiences the UI in your game.
    (Note: please use the #art category for asset creation questions and discussion).

  • #ux — Managing the user experience in your game, including questions about player controls, cameras, gameplay flow, objectives, user decisions, etc.

  • #world — Creating believable worlds (outside of level design) for your games.

  • #writing — Managing the narrative experience of your game.