About the Art category

Discussion and questions about anything related to creating assets and building environments while developing on Roblox.


Please add one of these tags to your topic to indicate what the question / discussion is about:

  • #animation — Everything about animations and rigging (either through the Roblox animation editor, or external software).

  • #audio — Everything about sound design and creating audio (music, effects, vocals, etc).

  • #building — The art of putting assets together in Studio, and using built-in Studio functionality to make assets such as CSG/Unions.

  • #graphics — Creating icons, thumbnails, models, video trailers and other art intended for branding and marketing purposes.

  • #mesh — Creating 3D meshes through external programs.

  • #texture — Creating 2D images for clothing, UI, decals, textures for meshes, materials, etc.

  • #tooling — Discuss your workflows, plugins and tooling that you use to achieve any of the above.